Marketing for IT

Take advantage a network of experienced IT channel professionals who have led award-winning marketing teams in the IT and Technology sector, from copywriters to designers, event coordinators to digital media managers, our team has more than 20 years’ experience working across the IT Channel. We can assist with multiple goals, including lead generation, raising your profile, leveraging partner engagements, managing and acquiring MDF funding, executing activities, strategy and more – delivering ROI and real results. Our team, as your team, will help you to:

Raise your profile

Building your brand is one marketing principle but increasing your profile, with those who matter, is another. Having a dedicated marketing team to work with partners, customers, industry peers and, of course, your internal teams helps increase your standing and take your business to the next level.

Increase lead generation

What is a lead worth? Whether net new business or increasing wallet share, lead generation is the lifeblood to business. Our marketing teams work with you to support and build out your top-level strategy and, most importantly, execute. Dedicated marketing will increase engagement and lead generation for your business.

Leverage partner engagements

Partnering well in the channel can be the difference in success or failure. Tier One vendors and distributors are well recognised for their breadth but more niche, disruptive tech providers are making an impact. Our role, as your marketing team, is to leverage opportunities and deliver the marketing plans as part of the top level strategy that delivers against your business objectives.

Manage MDF

An IT Channel classic; MDF has been used by the majority of vendors and distributors to help select resellers deliver joint marketing messages and campaigns. The focus is on engagement, joint planning, messaging and ROI. Our team has vast experience managing this process.

Execute activities

From running marketing teams with resellers, MSP’s, vendors and disti’s throughout the IT channel, the one requirement has always been to ‘make it happen’ – to execute the sales plan, to take the product to market, to overhaul the website, to increase digital presence. That’s what the team at Trigger Marketing do; we make your ideas happen.

Deliver ROI

High-level ROI is in the execution of activity and the quality of campaigns. A key deliverable is working to deliver your propositions within timeframes. Our team of experienced designers and marketeers deliver high-quality creative but we understand the IT and Tech market to deliver propositions and campaigns that resonate. The goal is to measure marketing and the impact in sales, we can implement initiative campaigns that are monitored and reported against to develop long-term strategies.

Get started

Our ‘as-a-service’ model provides a network of best of breed, award-winning designers, SEO analysts, copywriters, digital media managers working alongside experienced IT marketers who have more than 20 years working across the IT channel. Seasoned experts who understand the channel marketing and partner engagement model and how to maximise it for maximum impact.

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